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  • We have taken the step of introducing a 'classic' policy - if a game is still in circulation it would be unfair to the publishers to post it on the site. From now on, only 'classic' games (pre 1995 at least) will be allowed onto the site. Fair enough eh?

  • There are no guarantees every game will work on every Amiga compatible computer. However, each LZX and LHA file on this site has been personally checked by me.

  • Please do not send in games lists for possible upload to the site as we don't want to get into trouble putting up dodgy games or games still in circulation. I recomend trying 20p roulette if you cant find the game youn are looking for

  • We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused to your computer due to downloading any of the listed software.

  • If any software house, games developer or distributor wishes any of our games removed from the site, please contact me and I will do so without question.

     If you would like to request any classic game or would like to report broken links, contact me (Dan) at I can also fix any problems you may have when running any of our games on an Amiga system - if they will work on my system I'm sure they will work anywhere :) I can also recommend possible alterations to JST and WHDload configs etc.

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My Comments

Well.. a bit about me. I currently own a very much upgraded A500+ with 030 CPU, 19MB ram, 1Gig hard drive, 56k modem, monitor, 4 speed CD rom and Zorrow slots. In fact, I call it an A3000 as thats just about what it is. My first Amiga was an old A500 back in 1990 (I know this is a late start but I couldn't part with my trusty C64). Games were amazing back them and killed the 386 PC stuff which were going about at that time. Over the years, my loyalty to the machine has remained strong and I still enjoy using the Internet on the thing, even though the graphics may not be super fast, or even in full colour. :) We love Buddy Slots!

As for games.. the games scene has recently taken off a little and has reignited my interest in playing them. Back in the day, games such as Lemmings and Lotus ruled but because everything was basically on disk and shit slow to load, I really didn't bother too much with them. Now this has finally changed. HD games are now here! and now we can go find all those titles we thought about buying at the time but were to mean to spend the cash. Also, because the internet has become such a common mass market system, everyone with a computer can grab the old classics again and breath new life into the beast.

Why couldn't this happen sooner? Why do we have to wait for a genre to die before we can really appreciate the wealth of great games once programmed for it? It's not even the games quantity but the QUALITY which stands out. Just like those old C64 and Speccy classics, the Amiga programmers have managed to stretch the bare CPU to the limits, creating games not only fast and colourful but 'Playable' as well - a feature lacking in so many modern day packages. And small!! A game would usually come on maybe 2 or 3 disks at most, yet it takes a CD to do the same job now.... Hmmm.

So what games do I like, racing and platform usually. As I say, my taste has grown now that I can play the stuff I always wanted to play before. A rediscovery of Pang for one is a major time eater in this house. As is Stunt Car Racer, Lotus, Speedball 2, The Lost Vikings and Ruff n' Tumble. This is why I wanted to create a web page - simply to show the world what a good game should look like, and you can check out only the best classics on this site. So stay tuned and I will try to provide the best excuse for playing an Amiga game you have had in a long time....